David Matići

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You might say David Matići – singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist – has his father to thank for his music career. When asked about how and why he got into music, his father was his first introduction. 

 “He got me into the music world because he bought me a few instruments when I was a kid …he also wanted to be a musician but he didn’t reach that level, so I worked hard on it, and because it makes me happy … expressing myself.”

But it was 90s hip-hop and rap that he referenced as an early inspiration for his start in music.

“My biggest inspiration after (my father) would be probably … hip-hop. Me and the guys, colleagues, were listening to a lot of hip-hop from 90s, Wu-Tang Clan, also other rappers that were known at that era. We started at that moment a small hip-hop group, and I was producer - I was making beats and making the production for the rappers so, that was my first approach to making music.”

The Slovenian-born musician is no stranger to the limelight, competing in Slovenia’s Got Talent where he finished as a finalist. Matići also sang with the orchestra on Dancing with the Stars in his home country, further imbedding himself in the music industry. It’s the live performances and feedback from the audience that drives Matići’s passion.

“Expressing myself, and showing that to the audience. When I get the feedback from the audience, this is what really fills me up and boosts me to work more. You get the answer, or that payment, for what you’ve been practicing and doing.”

As the conversation changed to today’s music landscape, Matići sees pros and cons to the shift towards online streaming rather than selling physical copies of music.

“In terms of getting recognized, it is better, because you are aware of your recognition so you can promote yourself. And because before I think it was harder, because you had to have a record label so others recognize you. But in terms of financial perspective, I think it’s harder.”

“People are more likely to become professional musicians and to get known. You know, it’s digital era and everybody has a computer, everybody has audio interface, so if you have luck and enough good ideas you can also succeed. But it is hard to succeed there because there are a lot of artists there.”

When asked about his proudest accomplishments so far, Matići noted that he’s begun releasing more of his own original music, including recent single 500km.

David Matići - 500Km  (Official video)

As he continues to establish himself in the Balkan region, Matići emphasized wanting to produce more of his own original work and expanding his reach.

“My goals are actually to produce as much music as is possible. At this time, I think it’s hard to record an album, the whole album, that somebody would listen to. I’m intending to do a lot of new singles and getting this to people. And, yeah, maybe to also go international. Not just in Slovenia, or Balkan region, but even further.”

Presently, as the coronavirus continues to complicate travel and live performance opportunities, Matići is focusing on recording new singles he hopes to release in the new year. He continues to work and push forward, embracing advice he once received from a friend.

“Move – move forward. Some friend once told me, that I have to always move forward. You know when you write some song, and after, I don’t know, few months or years, you want to return to that song. At that time, that friend said to me, you just have to … move forward and deliver what you know now.”

As for the best advice he would give to aspiring musicians?

“First of all, practice, because practice makes a master. And, second of all, to know how to approach the audience and to know how to get recognized. And be honest, to what you are doing.”