Nic Bendero

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For Nic Bendero, musician and visual artist from Ontario, Canada, expressing himself through his art has become as essential to his being as breathing or drinking water. His appreciation for the creative process and the life-cycle of his art has become ‘sort of a romantic pursuit’, in his words.

“You spend all this time and energy nurturing an idea to give birth to a creation, release it into the world for only a moment of appreciation, then watch it float away until it’s a distant memory, and repeat that process until you have nothing left to express.”

For as long as he can remember, Bendero has been drawn to creating, starting with music in his spare time and doodling in notebooks at school. Like many before him, he was advised to follow a traditional life path and a practical career. Despite his gut telling him otherwise, he took the advice - until recently.

“It wasn’t until relatively recently where I learned to think as an individual, and not get caught up in what or where I should be according to someone else’s life plan.” Bendero explains. “That’s when I really let go and started to release the creative energy that has been trapped inside of me for what feels like my entire life.”

It is life itself that inspires Bendero the most. He breathes in creativity from his surroundings and breathes out his own expression. “My inspiration for creativity comes solely from the uniqueness present in being a free thinking, self-aware individual.”

“That isn’t to say I’m not moved by the products of other artists or musicians; I just don’t know if inspiration is what I draw from seeing the work of others. It is more along the lines of admiration for what they were able to create, and appreciation for putting it out into the world for the rest of us to see.”

Bendero’s existential approach to art results in an ever-evolving style which changes over time as much as he does himself. He believes it is important for artists to not be attached to their work, to keep exploring and experimenting. 

“There is always new information being presented, new ideas to work out, and new projects to start. Being open to that change and receptive to what the world is trying to teach you helps open doors to so many wonderful opportunities for change.” Bendero said. “When it comes to art, over time my choice of medium changes to better express my thoughts and feelings.”

Art has provided Bendero with the ability to express himself in a healthy and therapeutic way. Before he embraced his creativity, his emotions would bubble to the surface in other ways.

“Before I learned to create, I was trapped with my emotions. Not having a proper outlet to express myself and what I am feeling always ended up with me acting out.” He explained. “Having the ability to create something helped me use the creative process as a therapeutic relief from whatever it might be that I need to express emotionally.”

Creating in general has helped keep Bendero curious and engaged with the world around him.

“Having the ability to create something helped me use the creative process as a therapeutic relief from whatever it might be that I need to express emotionally.”

When asked about what he is most proud of, Bendero did not answer, choosing to keep looking forward before looking back on accomplishments. 

“As it stands right now, I am content with what I have put out into the world, however, there is still a virtually infinite amount of work I need to get out of my mind and into the physical world for my own sanity.”

With his focus set securely in the present, Bendero doesn’t spend time thinking of what the future holds for his art career or otherwise.

“Most of my focus is given to whatever I’m doing in that specific moment.” He explains. “Money has never been a motivating factor for me so I stay away from things that use that incentive as a reason for pursuit.”

His best advice for his younger self would have been simple; start earlier.

“When I was younger, I was wildly emotional and had absolutely no sense of direction or purpose. If I could give my younger self advice, it would be to start sooner.” He said. “Time and time again art has educated my approach to life and saved me from feeling otherwise helpless. It would have been nice to have access to that in my formative years.”

He does have a few extra words of cautionary advice for his younger self.

“Also, I’d tell young Nic not to take advice from people claiming to be me from the future.”

Moving forward, Bendero intends ‘to continue to create at the same trajectory which I have been for the last several years.’ Currently he is on a hiatus from social media as he focuses on painting, but has plans to return once he feels he is ready to showcase his new work. 

Bendero also sees a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic which has changed the world. 

“We can’t change what happens in the world, only how we react. Adapting to this new world of social distancing will bring forward waves of innovation in which I am thrilled to take part, and it’s platforms like these (AymoLive) that will open the door for the artistic community to do so. Internet collaborations, live stream shows, and online art viewings are definitely on my list of interests.”   

Visit Bandero’s Bandcamp page to check out his work.