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Our mission is to encourage, promote, and support creative art for the benefit of all.

AymoLive is a global online creative community where people come together to create, discover, and connect.


What we're all about

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How it started

AymoLive was an idea born in “The Great Lockdown of 2020”. As the world came to a halt, so did most in-person art and cultural events. Theaters were closed, as were art exhibits, concerts were cancelled and festivals postponed, this created a vacuum in the world of art and culture.

And, so, we got to thinking… if the gamers can have their own streaming platform why can’t the creative community have one too. The result is AymoLive!

AymoLive is a live-stream video platform connecting artists and audiences. Focused on the arts, culture, and the creative industry, it provides creatives a virtual stage to exhibit their work and allows audiences to enjoy creative events, regardless of social and geographic circumstances, make engaging with cultural activities more accessible than ever.

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