What is AymoLive?

AymoLive is a live-stream video platform where emerging artists share their work and audiences come to experience independent, unique and uncensored art. It provides emerging artists a stage, to connect, share and be seen by the world and allows audiences to enjoy creative events, regardless of social and geographic circumstances, making engaging with cultural activities more accessible than ever.
AymoLive is made for all the emerging and independent artists, art collectives and organizations, and festivals. And, of course, their fans! The platform is open to all types of artforms such as performance art, spoken word, poetry, painting, music, theater, dancing, and storytelling.

If you’d like to stream on AymoLive please keep in mind this is a platform for all things creative. If you’re a gamer or lifestyle streamer, other platforms may be better suited for your needs.
AymoLive is completely free to use for both streamers and fans.
Fans/Viewers: To comment on streams you have to register. Registration is simple and we encourage you to join the AymoLive creative community and support artists.

Streamers/Creators: Yes, you need to register with AymoLive in order to stream.
Setting up a live stream is easy. In just a few short steps you’ll be LIVE.

Step 1: Click on the Create a live stream button.
Step 2: Connect to your streaming application using your streaming credentials.
Step 3: Start streaming!

For more detailed instructions please download our free streaming guide.
Yes. When you go to Create a live stream, you will have an option to do a test streaming. This test stream is private and not publicly visible on the AymoLive platform.
Region blocking is a local restriction of streams in set regions to preserve in-person event ticket sale.
You can’t. All streams on AymoLive are really LIVE and the content is not saved or archived. The stream you’re watching is happening in real time wih the goal of creating a connection in the moment. Once a stream is finished, it’s gone. Some streams will be scheduled ahead of time while others might pop up spontaneously.

Be sure to check back regularly to see what streams are happening.
At lower internet speeds, your stream may shift to a lower resolution image. Sometimes this is the artists's connection, and sometimes it's your own. We do our best to make sure our artists will have full connection through their performances, but of course, issues can arise. You can test your own internet speed using this link: fast.com. 25mbps is a good benchmark for a strong connection.
One of the main goals of AymoLive is to provide an opportunity for artists and creatives to earn an income through the platform. AymoLive is in its initial phase and we’re still working on the monetization options for content creators. Some ideas are in the works and will be rolled out in the coming months. For now, artists can receive donations during their stream.
Our goal is not a total digitalization of live cultural and artistic events; rather to make the best of advancements in technology and complement in person events, with the purpose of making art and culture more accessible and connected. We see online events as a complement to in-person events, not as a replacement.