What is AymoLive?

AymoLive is a live-stream video platform connecting artists and audiences. Focused on the arts, culture, and the creative industry, it provides creatives a virtual stage and allows audiences to enjoy creative events, regardless of social and geographic circumstances, making engaging with cultural activities more accessible than ever.
You can’t. All streams on AymoLive are really LIVE. The stream you’re watching is happening in real time and streams are not saved. Once a stream is finished, it’s gone. Some streams will be scheduled ahead of time while others might pop up spontaneously.

Be sure to check back regularly to see what streams are happening.
Anyone. If you’d like to stream on AymoLive please keep in mind this is a platform for all things creative. If you’re a gamer or lifestyle streamer, other platforms may be better suited for your needs.
Fans/Viewers: To watch streams you don’t need to register an account. However, you do need to be logged into an account if you want to use the chat feature during live streams. Streamers/Creators: Yes, you need to register with AymoLive in order to stream.

Registration is simple and we encourage you to join the AymoLive creative community.
AymoLive is completely free to use.
No. There is no limit to how much you can use AymoLive as a streamer or a viewer.
Setting up a live stream is easy. First you need to create a channel on AymoLive. In just a few short steps you’ll be LIVE.

Step 1: Click on the Create a live stream button.
Step 2: Connect to your streaming application using your streaming credentials.
Step 3: Start streaming!

For more detailed instructions please read our step by step guide HERE
A profile is assigned to everyone who registers with AymoLive. A channel is created only by those who wish to stream content on AymoLive.
One of the main goals of AymoLive is to provide an opportunity for artists and creatives to earn an income through the platform. AymoLive is in its initial phase and we’re still working on the monetization options for content creators. Some ideas are in the works and will be rolled out in the coming months.