THEMINORITY The Line Up Showcase

See ThisMinority serve at NYC vibe domain, Star Bar. This is the home of an open mic I frequently go to but on 2/4/2023 it will be a place to network. I have the amazing opportunity to serve the people my work on that night. My objective is the help them connect deeper if necessary. Make feel like we are all familiar

The time hasn't been specified but I will have a 12-15 minute set between 11:15-12:30 eastern time.

Tune in and see how I do, your support would mean a lot!!!!! Also follow @bandcalledfuse on IG!!!

category music
location Brooklyn, NY
THISMINORITY share what he creates in order to put you in YOUR PLACE... This PLACE being one of SELF LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Took him a long time to find the love that is the foundation and explanation for why he creates what he creates. The reason This Minority's face is hidden is not because of fear— it’s to show change, the metamorphosis out of the shell. A shell that was filled with inherited insecurities and generations of untouched potential. This change will inspire moments that will enhance revolutions… Rotations... This is a heavy statement, but this creator acknowledges the power that comes with Recognition. So he puts energy forward to help clarify the way you see the world and yourself. His art gives expression to the experience of the world from within the shell, and the moment when the world shook the shell until it broke. This fracturing left This Minority feeling naked, distorted, unwelcome, unworthy, and ultimately useless… This bio could end here, but a different story unfolded: he realized the love in the world, which lit a spark in Self, which in turn sparked the vibrations gifted to him. This Minority creates to inspire reflections that lead us to see our true selves. Breaking into music is only the beginning for This Minority—but breaking through will make his ending one he'll cherish.